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Christa Harris


Christa Harris is a professional visual artist residing in Louisville, ID who sold her first print at the age of 12.This linoleum block print remembered the iconic civil rights activist, Malcolm. X shaped her voice as an artist and catapulted the importance of Black representation in her work. 

In 2002, she earned a BFA with emphasis in Painting & Graphic Design from the University of Kentucky. Then, in 2017, she illustrated and copublished the children's book My Magical Hair, available on Amazon in collaboration with the book's author, Nina Reid. She has curated and exhibited in various shows and festivals in her hometown, including RAW, Natural Born Artists Showcase.

Christa is currently working towards her Masters in Arts Administration at the University of Kentucky, and is in pursuit of a second Masters in Art Therapy which she anticipates to obtain from the University of Louisville. She also works as a Market Specialist intern for the nonprofit organization, Art Inc. Kentucky in an effort to establish its Louisville base. She aspires to earn a PhD in Arts Administration from the University of Kentucky, and eventually own and operate a gallery with a private practice nestled within. 

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Randy Gray, II


Randy Gray is a cartoonist and caricature artist from Louisville, KY. he is a graduate of DuPont Manual High School's visual arts program and earned a BA in Graphic Arts from the University of Kentucky. Since graduation, Randy has administered several online comic strips including randygraycomics, My Quest for Cool (an autobiographical strip), and Lil Dude, which was transformed into a self-published comic series entitled, 'Lil Dude and Rooney' an exploration of Black History that has been added to Jefferson County Public School Libraries. 

Randy has conducted workshops on cartooning and comic book creation for summer camps and held a month long artist residency at the Louisville Free Public Library. Most recently, he has been illustrating children's books and working as a caricaturist for local events and parties. Randy has a wife and three children, loves to exercise, draw and spend time with his family.

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